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Learning the dynamics of your vape and your e-juice may take a while, especially if you are just starting, but it will undoubtedly be a fun process. Getting to know the different e-juice brands and varieties will keep you busy and curious, much like a hobby. As you try more accessories, you’ll be inclined to learn new techniques faster with each day. 

Although vaping is a fun activity, to enjoy it more wholly, you need to make sure that you have a strong foundation. Aside from choosing the vape that will best suit your needs, you also need to know the different ways to avoid mechanical problems, check for defects, among many others. Some devices can even be costlier than others, which is why you must take extra vigilance in taking care of your device.

So, how do you properly take care of the vape device and e-juice? Keep on reading to find out the four vaping tips to personalise your e-juice so that you can enjoy your vaping experience.

1. Properly remove the battery

If you are just learning to vape, you need to know the proper way to refill your vape juice. It’s a vital process because that’s how you will be able to maintain the quality of your vape. The first step is to make sure that you unscrew the battery to keep it from getting wet. If the battery gets wet, you may damage it permanently and will need to purchase a replacement.

2. Carefully refill your juice

After taking out the battery, position the tank at a slight angle, which will allow you to drop the liquid from the top. When you start dripping your vape juice, make sure that you handle it carefully to avoid spillage and wasting your stock. To ensure that no wastage happens, try to estimate that you won’t drop more than 75% of the tank’s capacity. Limit yourself to putting only 25 to 30 drops each refill so that the juice will not overflow. After this process, you can then put back the rubber ring, plastic cap, and restore the battery. 

3. Avoid dry hits at all cost

If you are wondering what a dry hit is, it’s a dangerous situation when your cartomizer has run out of juice to vape, thus forcing a flash of fire directly to your mouth. The dry hit will feel like a bad burn that comes with an awfully sour taste. Because of this, you must always make sure that your device runs perfectly to avoid the risk of this happening. 

4. Regularly check the quality of your tank

Make sure that your device has no mechanical problems by regularly checking the quality of it. To do this, take out the plastic cap and the rubber ring under that and check for burn marks around your wicks. If you see any, it means that it’s time for you to replace the tank. Even if you bought a good quality device, it wouldn’t hurt to check it every now and then to avoid problems. 


Taking care of your vape device will take some practice. Know what makes your vape at its highest condition to fully enjoy its benefits. With the four tips given above, you will undoubtedly enhance your vaping experience because you will get the best hit from every vape.

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