3 Ways to Properly Store Your E-Liquid

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Rookies and seasoned vapers alike have their e-juice collection for different cravings - be it chasing fruity delights, sweet classics, and experimental flavours in between. With that in mind, storing vape juice is a simple process, but there are ways to do it correctly if you want to preserve its flavours’ full richness. 

Proper storage can make a world of difference in the stabilization of the product and its shelf life extension. Leaving the juice laying around anywhere can expose it to air or kill your e-liquid due to sun exposure, so the tips below should help ensure you can make the most of your cloud chasing adventures with proper storage: 

Tip #1: Store Your E-Liquid in a Cool and Dark Place 

High temperatures are the bane of e-liquids as there’s nothing more that can deteriorate its quality faster. Direct exposure to sunlight or hot conditions can alter the juice's colour and flavour compounds since it oxidizes the nicotine, which reduces the liquid’s overall strength.

With that in mind, it’s best to keep your e-juice collection in a cool, dark place and far from any sources of light or heat to maintain its flavour for the long haul. It’s also better to opt for dark glass e-liquid bottles compared to the plastic ones as it is more effective in safeguarding the juice against light and heat. 

Tip #2: Seal Your E-Liquid Tightly to Keep Away From Air 

In addition to heat and light, exposure to air can also spell trouble for your e-liquid as it can degrade its quality over time. One way to avoid letting air in your bottles is by making sure it has no “headspace,” which means you may have to swap containers once you notice the original one is leaving more room for air to settle in. 

Tip #3: Choose the Right Container

The container can have a significant impact on the quality of your e-liquid, so be sure to choose the best one that will cater to your needs. Plastic bottles are great for e-liquids in smaller volumes since it used for short-term storage. Following the tips above, such as avoiding heat, air, and light, can ensure all the nuances of its flavour are in tip-top shape. 

Keep in mind that plastic can be reactive and speed up decay if you’re planning to leave the juice for long. Glass, on the other hand, is the perfect choice for long-term storage. It does not have any reactive tendencies, making it worth the investment since it provides the best outcome for the long haul. Dark glass bottles are even better! 

The Bottom Line 

E-liquids can quickly spoil just like any food product. Even just hours of exposure to intense heat, light, or air can negatively alter the colour and flavours of the juice, resulting in weak hits. Storing your e-liquid correctly allows you to maximize your collection and prolong the life of your favourite juices. 

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