3 Ways to Enhance the Flavour From Your E-Juice When Vaping - What to Know

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Beyond chasing bigger clouds, part of the vaping experience is to build a colourful mix of e-juice flavours. From fruity selections to unique liquids, delighting your taste buds with robust flavours makes up most of the experience for flavour-chasers.

One way to maximise the flavours is to adjust the settings of your vape. You’d be surprised how tinkering the wattage or reducing the airflow can bring out the sublime nuances of the e-liquid. It produces a denser and warmer vapour, allowing each hit to pack a more flavorful punch. With that in mind, the tips below explore the different ways to make the most of your e-liquid:

Adjust the Wattage and Temperature Settings to Enhance Flavour

One of the most straightforward ways to improve the flavour of your e-liquid is to adjust the settings of your device. Different settings bring out various elements of the juice, so flavour-chasers should opt for a variable voltage or wattage device.

Starting at lower settings is the best way to find the “sweet spot” for your juice, so adjust your way up accordingly until you find the best temperature and coil resistance that let a specific juice shine. Keep in mind that the temperature is the key factor behind the ideal flavour. Similarly, it’s best to start low and work your way up as necessary.

Reduce Your Airflow

Cloud chasers often opt for big airflow as this setting allows the vapour to be less dense, all while maintaining the ability to produce massive clouds. However, going for a larger airflow can weaken the flavour of your e-juice.

That’s why flavour-chasers should reduce the airflow as it creates a denser, warmer vapour that packs a lot more sharpness to your taste buds. However, closing off the airflow on rebuildable atomizers with large chambers can lead to a harsher throat hit. That’s why it’s best to restrict the airflow on devices with smaller bore coils and chambers.

Opt for a Below-Coil Airflow

Other than restricting the airflow, the position of the airflow holes in the coils can also make a world of difference in the intensity of the juice’s potency. With that in mind, moving the airflow holes underneath the coils can open up a direct path to the mouthpiece.

When you inhale, this can significantly boost the flavour. This is particularly beneficial for sub-ohm tanks as it already follows a below-coil setup for a palatable vaping experience.


Finding the right setting to improve the tastiness of your e-juice all depends on settling with the right combination of temperature and settings for your device. You can boost the flavour using different approaches, but the list above offers a rundown on the easiest methods to achieve a toothsome hit.

Of course, the ideal method all depends on your tastebuds, so keep on adjusting the settings until you find the one that suits your palate.

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