3 Vaping Etiquettes Every Vaper Should Know - What to Know

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As a vaper, you probably know that vaping is much less harmful than smoking cigarettes. With that in mind, you may think that vaping in public is acceptable and that the vaping clouds won't cause much nuisance. However, is it all right for you to do that? Do the people around you accept you blowing out clouds of vapour? Are there some forms of etiquette when it comes to vaping? Here are some tips to help you vape while making a good impression.

The Importance of Etiquette

In society, we often have expectations of each other, what to do, and what not to do in public. Etiquette, being one of the foundations of society, is also never constant. With that in mind, what are the etiquettes of vaping? Read on more to find out.

1 - Places to Vape

The general idea is that small rooms and spaces aren't places for you to vape. As there isn't much air circulation in small spaces, the vapour will stay around longer, meaning it gets thicker after each vape. This isn't ideal for anyone around you, as they will be forced to breathe your vapours. So where should you smoke?

There are a few places you can vape without too much of a hassle. Similar to smoking, you can take your vaping outside. Look for areas that people won't have to deal with your vapes. You can also do it at home, and it is the perfect place. It is your home, and it is your choice whether or not you want to vape. However, if you plan on inviting guests, you should probably air out the place first. 

Another place you can do it is in your vehicle. As the space in the car small, so you may need to roll down the window to clear out the air and allow you to see. Again, similar to your home, air out your car before inviting anyone inside.  

When you're out in public, the best practice is to not vape at all. In areas that ban smoking, they often will ban vaping as well. So, don't go around vaping in places where you know smoking isn't allowed.

2 - Making an Impression

Many people do not know the difference between smoking and vaping, and assume it is the same thing. Your duty is to make a good impression on those around you. When they ask questions, be ready to answer them. When they're educated vaping, they become more accepting of the activity.

A good practice to do to leave a good impression is to ask for permission. Similar to when you're asking for permission before changing the TV channel or fixing yourself a cup of tea, apply the same mentality to vaping.

3 - The Social Aspect

When you want to vape around other people, there are a few things to consider. First, if you're around people who do not smoke, ask them if they're all right with it. If they have questions, answer them politely and tell them what vaping is about. Second, if you're going to be around pets or children, avoid vaping entirely. It can be fatal for a child or a pet if they get their hands on your e-juices. Finally, if you're around smokers, share with them about vaping. You were one of them at one point, so don't criticize their curiosity.

Follow this guide to become a civilized vaper. Remember, always be polite and considerate, and follow all the rules and regulations. Treat vaping in a way that you would treat smoking, and you won’t cause any trouble to those around you.

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