3 Tips You Can Use to Start Vaping Like a Professional - What to Know

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So, you’ve finally purchased your first vape, told your friends all about it, and finally bought your first bottle of vape juice from MoMo Eliquid’s online shop. What’s the next step in your journey as a new vaper?

Well, here’s a quick suggestion: make yourself look like a pro vaper by following a few key tips. 

How to vape like a pro

Getting your first vape and going all out can easily make you feel so much more impatient because of all the Instagram videos you see of other expert vapers who can blow all kinds of sick Os and pull off fancy tricks.

Fortunately, leapfrogging the beginner stage of being a vaper and making yourself look like a complete pro is really just a matter of following the right tips and tricks. In this article, we will share with you three tips on how you can start vaping like a pro:

Vaping pro-tip #1: Always invest in premium liquids

A key tip to looking like a pro vaper that will play an important role in your entire vaping journey is investing in the right juices to enjoy and hone your skills with. 

As opposed to risking your health and coughing with low-grade e-liquids that are packed with impurities, getting premium bottles of vape juice can make a world of difference in how you vape. For instance, stocking up on premium bottles of vape juice from a reputable retailer, such as MoMo Eliquid, can help you jumpstart your entire vaping journey and make you look even more like a professional with every hit! 

Vaping pro-tip #2: Always care for your e-tank by checking and cleaning it regularly

A factor that easily sets professional vapers apart from beginners is the presence of proper care and maintenance for one’s vaping rig, especially when it comes to the e-tank.

Generally speaking, other vapers can easily tell whether a vaper is a pro or not by simply looking at their e-tank. If it doesn’t have stains and nasty muck deposits, then they’re definitely a pro—the same goes the other way around. Cleaning your vaping rig’s e-tank at least once a week by disassembling it, pouring the residue out, rinsing every part on its own, and air-drying the whole thing, can help you keep your e-tank looking pristine for as long as possible. 

Vaping pro-tip #3: Know your PG/VG ratios well

To the uninitiated, vaping may seem like a simple task that involves loading up the e-tank with liquid, giving it a test first, and hitting away. The pros, however, know that the entire experience of vaping is just as scientific as it is enjoyable. Out of all the different concepts that you’ll need to get familiar with, your PG/VG will play the biggest part in your entire journey as a vaper. Knowing your PG/VG ratios well means that you’ll be able to control what kind of hit you get with every puff and it also plays a big role in how well your clouds look every time.


Improving your vaping skills and knowledge as quickly as possible is all about following the right tips and making sure that you stick to them every time you hit your vape, especially when it comes to following the tips mentioned in this article. 

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