3 Tips for Removing E-Liquid Stains Out of Clothes

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Vapers know the joy of bringing your vape device and favourite e-liquid with you, but in the midst of chasing massive clouds, the juice can leave stains on your clothes when you least expect it. When your vape starts to leave a sticky mess all over your outfit for the day, it’s best to act fast as e-liquid can leave some unsightly mark if you let it steep. 

This is because most vape juices contain propylene glycol (PG), an oil-based substance, that can leave your favourite garb with greasy spots. It can be frustrating to deal with e-liquid stained clothing, but you no longer need to cry over spilt e-juice as the tips below should show you how to clean it in three easy steps: 

Step #1: Blot the Excess Juice 

The first thing you should do is to remove the bulk of the spilt e-juice to prevent any more from seeping through the fabrics. Use a wet washcloth to blot out the stain, but do remember to do this gently to avoid pressing the liquids deeper into the cloth. Continue the process using a fresh washcloth every new cycle until you’re confident that most of the blemish is out. 

Step #2: Soak the Stained Area in Detergent or Vinegar

After you remove most of the e-liquid, it’s time to let it fade completely by soaking the spot with dish soap since this kind of detergent is designed to remove oil-based stains. Wet the area using warm water only as colder temperatures can harden the grease and let the smear set. 

If the pesky blotch persists, you can whip out the big guns: baking soda and vinegar. Combining these two will create a bubbling foam, which is highly effective at eliminating deep-seated soils without compromising the fabric in any way. After letting the mixture react with the e-liquid, you can gently brush it off using a soft-bristled toothbrush. 

Step #3: Invest in an Effective E-Liquid Stain Remover 

If all else fails, it’s best to buy a strong e-liquid stain remover like Vanish Oxi Action. These spot cleaners are excellent at lifting the grease and eliminating the colouring from the juice, plus it’s more affordable compared to popular brands like Oxyclean. 

Just like how you would do in step two, just add some Vanish Oxi Action powder over the soiled area and let it set with warm water. This should quickly remove new stains in just one wash, but it may need more cycles if the e-juice has been steeping in the fabric for some time. 

The Bottom Line: Enjoy Your Cloud-Chasing Adventures Without Leaving a Sticky Mess 

There are plenty of ways to remove e-liquid stains, but it’s always better to prevent spills from happening in the first place. Storing your e-juice in a safe and secure place should minimise any sticky accidents.

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