3 Tips for Preserving Your E-juice for as Long as Possible

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Considering present circumstances, chances are you’ve purchased yourself a bunch of e-juices to last the whole month—or even the whole year. Do you know how to store them properly? If not, you might just end up cracking one bottle open in hopes for a good drag, only to be greeted with juice that has long gone stale. If you do not know how you can store your e-juice for long periods, here is what you need to do:

1. Place them away from any direct heat

Heat is the mortal enemy of your e-juice. Why? Think of a piece of raw meat. Where do you usually store meat when you don’t cook it right away? For most of us, that would be the fridge, aka a cool place. We do this because, when meat’s left out in the heat, there’s no doubt that it’s going to spoil. The same can be applied to your e-juice.

Obviously, your e-juice will not spoil the way meat does. However, what heat does to your juice is it alters its flavour through the breakdown of the substances inside the liquid. For that reason, whenever you store e-juice, keep it away from any type of heat, whether that be near the window, under the sun, or near an appliance that emits heat.

2. Keep the juice in the dark

It’s not just heat that will ruin the juice, but light, too. Even in a cool place, if light manages to reach your juice, it is going to be ruined. This is because the UV rays from light, such as the sun, will weaken some of the substances in the juice, most notably the nicotine. This means that the longer the liquid is exposed to the sun, the less potent your liquid will be. 

Now, you might be thinking, "What about juices with no nicotine?" Well, those are also affected. Just like how heat hurts the flavours of your e-liquid, so will light. Because of this, you should always store your juices in a dark and cool place. If you can keep them in dark-tinted glass containers, that is even better, as this will ensure that no light can reach the liquid, and if the bottle is exposed to light, a minimal amount will penetrate.

3. Ensure the bottles are airtight

Air can also hurt your juice, much like how it hurts metal. If you are aware, when metal is exposed to air, oxidation occurs. This can also happen with your e-liquids. If you have used up some juice, the air that is left in the bottle can deteriorate the juice. 

For that reason, only ever open a bottle when needed as an unopened bottle is airtight. Also, if you have a large container filled with a bit of e-juice, transfer them into a smaller bottle to limit the amount of air inside.


It sounds like everything that is not originally in the bottle is going to hurt the juice, doesn't it? From light to heat, to even air, all these things can degrade your e-liquids, turning them from what was supposed to be a great vaping session into a session filled with nothing but disappointment. As such, if you have plenty of e-liquids on hand, remember to store them properly.

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