3 Steps to Take When Dealing With Leftover Vape Juice - What to Know

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Are you a big fan of vaping? Have you ever had a tad bit of vape juice left in your tank and tried to vape it? In most cases, you manage to take out a few drags from it. However, after a few pumps, you start to hear a gurgling sound. If you did not know, that gurgle means that your wick is running out of juice and that it is going to burn if you continue. 

So, rather than driving yourself insane trying to vape that few last drops from your tank, here are three steps you can do instead:

Mix it up

Have you ever mixed different drinks as a kid to experiment with different flavours? Well, if you are still as adventurous, why not have a go at mixing that left-over liquid with something else. This is an excellent way not only to save your e-liquids, but if you do get it right, you might also find a new mix that you love.

There are a few ways you can go about saving your vape juice this way. Some people may also have containers designated for different flavour types. For example, they will have a container for tobacco, others for fruits, and others more for desserts. Nevertheless, whether you separate the flavour types like this or throw them all into one mix is totally up to you.

Pour it back into the bottle

Some people might disagree when it comes to pouring a "used" vape juice back in a fresh bottle with the same flavour. That is because they think that it hurts the freshness and, as a result, ruins the experience once the new container is used.

If you are not one of those people, then you can simply pour it back into a bottle that has the same flavour. Otherwise, if you believe that this will contaminate the original flavour, then choose any of the other options.

Save it somewhere

If you are planning to clean your tank but notice that there is some juice left, then you can place it in a separate container. That way, once it is cleaned and dried, you can start where you left off with a fresh tank without wasting a single drop of vape juice.


Despite the three solutions we have shared, you might still be thinking about whether you should just pour the juice. Of course, if you want to pour the leftover vape juice, go ahead. After all, it is your vape juice, and this gives you the freedom to do anything with it. However, if you believe that you shouldn’t waste it, then you can go ahead and save it! Mix it into a vape juice cocktail, keep it in a separate container, or put it back in its original container. 

If you are wondering which one is the best option to pick, that will depend on you. Do not be afraid to experiment, as that is the only way you are going to figure out which way of saving your vape juice is best for your preference!

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