3 Simple Tips to Help Keep Your Vape Juices Fresh - What to Know

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With so many flavours of vape juices available in the market, you might just be tempted to purchase a ton of them to try them all out. Of course, whether you're to do that or not, it helps to know how to store them to keep them as fresh as possible. Nothing's worse than opening your favourite bubble gum-flavoured vape juice only to find out that it has gone stale.

To avoid this sad ending to your vape juices, here are three simple tips to help keep your vape juices fresh:

1. Store the Juice in a Glass Bottle

First things first, always keep your juice in a glass bottle. Anything else like plastic is permeable, meaning that unwanted gases can seep into the juice and ruin it. Wondering what kind of gas that might be? Oxygen.

Especially if you have nicotine in your vape juices, you want them inside a glass bottle. That's because the nicotine starts to oxidise, leaving the juices to taste like pepper. Of course, even if the juice doesn't contain any nicotine, keeping them in bottles will help prevent the colour of the juice from changing. Also, the darker the glass, the better.

2. Put the Juice Away from Direct Sunlight

Placing juices in dark bottles is also great, as it will help keep light away. Also, putting them in dark places ensures that no light will ever reach the liquid. 

Why do you have to do this? That's because the UV rays from the sun cause chemical reactions, causing juice flavours to change. That's why dark bottles placed in dark places is the best way to preserve the freshness of the vape juices. Also, because sunlight is energy, stopping the light from reaching the juice prevents the liquid from heating up, which could otherwise ruin the juice.

3. Place the Bottles in a Cool Place

Just as we said, a heated liquid is a ruined liquid. That said, ensure that you store your vape juices in a cool, dry place.

Heat speeds up the molecules of the liquid, causing a reaction. Because of that, the juice loses the thing that entices you to keep on vaping: the taste. That said, whether you're just storing them for a short time or a long period, store them in a cool place. This will ensure that the juice will stay as fresh for as long as possible.

Do note that when we say cool, we aren't talking about the fridge. The extreme cold will impact the juice negatively as well. Just place the juices in a cool place like your drawer or cupboard.

Bottom Line

To keep your vape juices fresh, store them in dark glass bottles, and place them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. That way, your vape juices will not be spoiled, allowing you to enjoy the best and fresh vape juices for months on end. Now you can purchase more without fear that you'll end up spoiling the ones you don't try out immediately.

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