3 of the Worst Pieces of Advice New Vapers Should Ignore

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In almost any hobby, there is always that overenthusiastic person giving you all the wrong advice. The same is true of vaping.

Vaping preferences and tastes are often developed over a long period of time, so you should think twice before taking the advice from that person about which e-liquids are the best or worst. At the end of the day, it boils down to what you want out of your vaping experience—and no one else. 

Because it can be difficult to determine which advice is bad and which advice is good, here are some of the worst pieces of advice you can receive as a new vaper:

1. “The most expensive vape you can buy is the best.”

More often than not, the sales representative at a vape store is pressed to make as many sales as possible in a single day. As such, they will likely try to sell you the most expensive units they have. However, the expensive units are often highly customisable, incredibly powerful, and are better designed for more experienced vapers who already know what they want. 

Make sure to compare vape models online. Look into consumer reviews on various platforms in order to see which device is the right one for you. 

There are also plenty of starter kits for you to try, such as disposable pods. These are relatively inexpensive compared to dedicated vape devices and can allow a new vaper to dip their toes into the hobby without costing them too much.

2. “Max out the nicotine levels.”

One argument for vaping is that it can be used as a lower-nicotine replacement for smoking. So why would you ever want to max out nicotine levels if you’re hoping to quit?

The problem with nicotine is that it is an addictive substance. The more you take and consume, the more likely you are to develop a resistance. Starting out in the hobby with maxed out nicotine can give you a resistance early on and enable an unhealthy dependence on the substance. 

New vapers should always err on the side of caution when it comes to nicotine, and as such, start at the lowest possible amount of the substance. From there, you can gradually adjust upwards if you think you need a little bit more.

3. “Buy your e-liquids in bulk.”

It may seem like a good way to save money if you buy e-liquids in bulk, but this is not so for any goods with an expiry date. E-liquids are shown to degrade in flavour and quality over time, especially if stored incorrectly—which will likely be the case when purchased in bulk. 

Especially if you’re new, it is better to buy e-liquids in more flavours and in small amounts. You’ll be able to experience some variety in your options and avoid overly acclimating your palate to the one flavour.

Mixing and matching your flavours and juices can also help towards avoiding vaper’s tongue, which is a condition in which you are unable to taste or enjoy one particular profile of flavour. 


It is always important to remember that the preferences of others will differ from yours. Better to learn from your own research and experiences than to let others define what is good and valid for you. After all, the hobby of vaping is deeply personal.

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