What does your Beloved Vape Liquid say about your Personality

Often, people are under the impression that the choices you make help in building up your personality. Each individual has their own unique personality traits which distinguishes them from others. Similarly, every e-liquid comes up with its own unique features that also helps in defining your personality. There are thousands of flavours available in the market, but, every person has their “personal favourite”.

Guess what? Your favourite flavour can now help in determining your personality. Wondering how is that possible?

One of the main reasons is that our mind has the tendency to analyse and make judgments according to the individual tastes and preferences of a person. When you vape, there is an instant message passed by the brain on “how you felt” and “how was the taste of the flavour”. These answers help you in deciding whether you are going to stick with your favourite flavour or be daring and try a new one.

So, let’s check out your personality traits determined by the flavours you love:

Fruit Flavours: Do you have the urge to buy fruit flavours such as; raspberries, grape or pear? Some people love to indulge in vape liquids which tastes like fruit. If you are one of them, then you are a relaxed, happy-go-lucky person who loves to stay neutral. Some of the sure-bet signs of a fruit lover are that they are confident, enthusiastic and end up becoming the soul of the party. If this is true, then “Life is pretty sweet.”

Dessert Flavours: For those of you who have a sweet tooth and like smooth textures, plenty of e-liquids falls in this category. If you are fond of dessert flavours like Pink Me, Vikki Sponge and Apple Spatter, then you are officially a “bake critic.” One of the common vaping myths is that dessert flavours make you fat, but, in reality, only a dessert enthusiast can appreciate the taste,the aroma and fine flavouring. Often, these characters are mistaken as uninteresting and less imaginative, but in reality, they are the ones with keen eye who love intricacies and details.

Refreshing “Tangy” Flavours: If flavours like Black Cola, Soda-Lish, Tropi Cool and Drizzle Dream are your personal favourite, then you are mischievous and playful in nature. These flavours are known for their zesty nature. Those who love these flavours have a cheeky mind, are fun loving, sociable and adventurous by nature. They live in the moment and enjoy making spontaneous decisions. They tend to want a “Kick” in life as it keeps their lives exciting and creative. So, next time that you miss the spark in life, pour your favourite tangy flavour vape liquid and get ready for the thrill.

Menthol Flavours: An icy cool flavour, perhaps, for the coolest person. Menthol is known for its cooling effect and immediate freshness. This flavour is dedicated to all the people who are confident but not pushy, keeps a cool mind, has a positive attitude towards life and enjoys every moment in life calmly. These are the people who make a lemon pie when life gives them lemons. Their positive outlook towards life give them an edge over others that is why they are very popular. So, if your day is making you angry, then do not let it take away your positivity, fill your vape pen with a menthol based e-liquid and chillax.