What is the best way to clean Vape Mods

Vaping your favourite e-juice and blowing large and full clouds is undoubtedly one of the most satisfying and exhilarating feelings for a vaping enthusiast. However, cleaning your vape device can seem like a frustrating chore and of course a big turn off. Yes, that’s the ugly truth! Everybody likes to enjoy the experience, but nobody wants to clean the mess afterwards. But, for a long-lasting life and superior vaping experience, it’s that one chore you cannot run away from!

Cleaning a vaping device remains an important task for getting the best vaping experience every time. But not everybody is consciously aware of the technique to clean a vape tank. Don’t worry, here you can find a step-by-step guide on the cleaning of your vape devices. Follow the instructions step by step to instantly make your device look better, last longer and deliver a better experience:

Step 1: Keeping it Simple – Cleaning with water.

This is one of the most typical and classic methods of cleaning the tank. It starts with the dismantling of the device into as many parts as possible. Gently separate your O-rings from the coil and carefully cleanse them with wet wipes. Make sure you drench them properly in the bowl of tepid water since the old flavour is usually trapped in between the rings. For thorough cleaning and to soften the flavour deposits, it is advisable to keep all the parts in warm water for some time.

Keeping it Simple – Cleaning with water

Step 2: The Deep Clean – Using Propylene Glycol or Alcohol.

Once you completely disassemble the tank, you may find a thick residue of e-liquids near the coil or around the tank which are hard to remove with water. To break down these stubborn e-juice deposits and residues, a non-flavoured alcohol or Propylene Glycol works the best. Pour any of these in a bowl, keep the tank parts in it for 15-20 minutes and allow it to soak the liquid. Once the tank is immersed, carefully scrub the troublesome areas with a napkin and let it stand and dry for around 15 minutes.

The Deep Clean – Using Propylene Glycol or Alcohol
Step 3: The Wicking Region - Cleaning the Coil.

The Coil and Wick are the core components of a vaping device. For long-term usage and enhanced performance, maintenance is the key which starts with the cleaning of the coil and wick. To avoid burning of the coil and dry hits, make sure you change the wick every time you clean. Use a soft, cotton cloth to remove the dirt from the coil and let it rest for some time. Once you are done changing the wick and spotlessly cleaning the coil, reassemble the device attentively and your device is ready for a fresh vaping session.

The Wicking Region - Cleaning the Coil
Now, that you know how to clean a vaping device, it is important to keep a check on the e-liquids life as well. Store them in a natural environment, away from excessive heat or cold and keep a check on their expiration date.

Always remember “A Clean Vape Device Makes A Vaper Happy and Vaping Exciting”. So, buck up with your cleaning tools and eliminate impurities for good.