Vaping Myths Busted: Time to set the Facts Right

Since the evolution of vape pens and electronic cigarettes in the early 2000’s, people are swiftly moving towards vaping. It is considered as one of the biggest breakthroughs in the history of smoking and one of the most successful alternatives for people who wish to quit smoking. The concept of vaping is quite unique and helps in dealing with regular tobacco cravings. But, as per nature’s rule, every concept comes with pros and cons, facts and myths, figures and assumptions. Similarly, with increasing popularity, people are also puzzled between various myths on vaping and often challenge the concept. Now is the time to clarify some Vaping Myths and spread the word of knowledge to make the best out of vaping:


Myth: Vaping Dessert E-Liquid will make you fat.


Fact: Every person in this world is unique, so it goes without saying that we all have different tastes and preferences. Some people are spice lovers, some are neutral and then some are sweet-toothed. There are E-Liquids like Vikki Sponge available at MoMo E-Liquid tastes like dessert and make a vaping session sweet and relishing. One of the common myths amongst people is that using sweet vapour juice will increase weight.

How can a vape juice make you gain weight? In reality, an e-liquid consists of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol which provides a flavour to vaping but does not contributes to making you chubby.


Myth: E-Cigs are the Entry gate to Tobacco Smoking.


Fact: Many people are still engaged in tobacco smoking because of this myth. But, now the time has come to debunk the myth and take a step towards healthy living. One of the major benefits of using e-cigarettes is that it helps in getting rid of tobacco smoking. E-liquids contain nicotine which is 95% safer than tobacco and helps in controlling cigarette smoking. So, guys, let’s forget the myth and take a vape because vaping is surely a gate with an exit.


Myth: Vapours are Explosive


Fact: Yet another common and quite scary myth is that e-cigs explode in pockets due to lithium-ion in batteries. But, in reality, e-cigs come with a manual for its smooth working. It is always advisable to keep the e-cigs protected in a case and also do not overcharge for best results. E-cigs and batteries are safe to use until and unless you clean them after use, and avoid putting them in bags, loose pockets, near keys or smartphone. Follow the “Do’s and Don’ts” from the manual and you can use e-cigs without any hassle.


Myth: Vaping will give you Popcorn Lungs


Fact: One of the disturbing myths amongst people is that vaping causes a serious and irreversible condition called Bronchiolitis Obliterans, commonly known as Popcorn Lungs. In this condition, tiny air sacs available in the lungs are scarred and obstruct the movement of air. But the main reason behind this disease is an excessive amount of “diacetyl” in the body. This chemical compound is used in many industries, especially within the food and alcohol industry, to add a buttery taste. Excessive inhaling of diacetyl or consumption of its products directly affects the lungs. E-liquids consist of a slight amount of this chemical, on the other hand, a heavy smoker or a regular drinker is more prone to getting popcorn lungs. Now, you decide which is safer, Vaping or Tobacco Smoking?


Myth: E-Liquids contain Antifreeze


Fact: Antifreeze is an additive used to lower the freezing point in a water-based liquid which in turn increases the boiling point. This additive is mainly used as engine coolants for car radiators to keep a check on the working of machinery. To make this additive, propylene glycol is used. This ingredient is also used in the preparation of a vape juice Let’s break down the myth and understand that e-liquids are made using ingredients which are safe for the body and helps you in quitting tobacco smoking.


As it is said, “Only being armed with Half Knowledge is Dangerous” which is the main reason behind most of the myths. These are some of the most common and prevailing myths against vaping. Bust the myths and enjoy vaping without any stress.