5 Cool Tricks to try for an Exhilarating Vaping Session

The latest art to master is Vaping. It starts with an aim to help satisfy nicotine cravings by inhaling flavoured juices and exhaling vapour. Soon the satisfaction turns into enthusiasm to experiment and try out cool tricks using your electronic cigarette. When you Vape, why act like a Wallflower in the party? Instead, learn some super-cool tricks and be the “Centre of Attention” of the party.

There are so many amazing Vaping Tricks to learn and make your vaping session spectacular. Some of the most famous and enticing tricks are:

Single O’s: This is one of the easiest and simplest trick. If you are a beginner, try starting with Single O’s. In this trick, the vapour comes out in the form of “O”.

Single o

  1. To start, the first step is to take a long drag from your vape.
  2. After taking a puff, form your lips in the shape of an O and then open your mouth.
  3. Keep your mouth tight and push the vapour using your tongue.
  4. Make sure to maintain the balance between expelling vapour and formation of the lips.
  5. Practice and practice to excel in this trick.

The Waterfall: Everybody is well-aware of the waterfalls in the mountains. But, have you heard about this amazing Vapour Made Waterfall? This is yet another easy and attractive trick to perform which includes your vape and a bottle.

Water Fall

  1. Take a bottle and half-fill it with water and freeze it.
  2. Grab your vape juice and pen to try the trick.
  3. Take a puff and carefully blow out all the vapour in the bottle.
  4. Now, the last step is to pour the vapour from the bottle.

The combination of frozen water and vapour falls out slowly from the bottle and creates an illusion of a waterfall.

French Inhale: This is an advanced yet lovely trick to try. In this trick, vapour is exhaled from the mouth and inhaled from the nostrils.

French Inhale

  1. In this trick, allow the vapour to settle in the mouth after taking a drag.
  2. Once, the vapour is settled, the next step is to push the lower jaw out and let the vapour out naturally.
  3. Now, the art behind this trick is continuously breathing the vapour in using nostrils.
  4. Practice this trick by using teeth as a barrier to excel.

When the French Inhale is done properly, it looks very impressive and creates a “WOW” effect.

Liquid Mist: A Vaping Party is incomplete without Liquid Mist Shots and Competitions. Impress your crush by adding this amusing vape potion on the top of the drink.

Liquid Mist

  1. In this trick, you need a glass with a wide diameter.
  2. You can add some cocktail or mocktail in the glass.
  3. Take a puff and blow the vapour on the edge or rim of the glass.
  4. The vape will remain on the top but will create a magical effect.

The Dragon: A Cool yet extravagant trick to make you feel like a dragon. If you find it difficult to create O’s, start with this trick to induce your mind and lips in forming the required shape. To outshine at the dragon, you just need to do three simple steps:

The Dragon

  1. Take a big puff.
  2. Tightly close your lips from the centre.
  3. Vape out using your corners of the mouth and nostrils.

When the trick is performed properly, it creates a dark and haunting effect.

These are some of the coolest tricks which you must try. Vaping is not just about satisfying your urges, but it is also about unleashing your creative side. Get ready with your vape pen, practice and showcase your wild side with pride.