Top Tricks to win a Cloud Chasing Competition

Gone are the days when vaping was a brand new alternative to tobacco smoking. Nowadays, the vaping trend is skyrocketing and is considered as one of the exhilarating activities amongst the youth. This all started in 1960 when Herbert Gilbert invented “First Non-Tobacco Cigarette” in America. But, the world of vaping experienced a major breakthrough in the late 2000s when Hon Lik, a chinese pharmacist, introduced a battery operated device, a flavoured liquid and the rest is history!

Cloud Chasing is one of the major competitions in the vaping community. Nowadays, vapaholics are becoming attracted towards the idea and plan to become a professional chaser. Most vape lovers are going bananas and really have the urge to compete in this contest.

The concept seems pretty simple: The challenge is to create the biggest and densest vapour cloud. Some people call it “stunt vaping” where you have to create massive plumes of vapour to win the contest. Cloud Chasing started out as a hobby at first in the United States of America in 2014 which soon turned into a worldwide phenomenon with tournaments taking place in the US, Canada, the Philippines, Malaysia and the UK. Many international events are organised at vaping exhibitions or vape shops where cloud chasing and vape tricks matches are held. Competitors stand back to back and blow out their clouds which are measured by a yardstick or ruler where the candidate with the highest score wins a prize.

The concept seems pretty simple

So, would you like to cloud chase? The art of cloud chasing is for experienced vapers who are well-aware of its terms, technology, and techniques. But, it doesn’t mean that a beginner cannot try their luck at it. The secret is to learn some amazing tricks. Let’s look closely at what are the tricks and how can we use them?

Maximum Wattage Mods: In cloud chasing, it is not about puffing the cloud, but it’s about how dense your cloud is. One of the rules is to use maximum wattage mod and the reason is quite simple: more wattage means better cloud. High Wattage mods have the capacity to blow out bigger clouds without causing much exertion and heat. So, the next time you want to blow a bigger cloud, set your device to its maximum watt.

Higher VG E-Juice: An E-Juice is the heart and soul of a vaping session. If you are planning to become a legit cloud chaser and are preparing yourself to compete, then choosing the right vape juice can help you win. E-liquids with higher vegetable glycerin blow fuller and thicker clouds which is yet again considered as a bonus point. Pick a premium e-liquid which contains more than 50% of VG and 0mg nicotine to become a vape wizard in the contest.

Plenty of Airflow: High Wattage and a good flavour are not the only two factors required to win the competition. Along with high watts, you need maximum air flow to strengthen the cloud. Do you know that airflow can make or break your cloud? Lack of airflow can burn the coil, whereas, excessive airflow can affect the size of your cloud. A safe bet is to find a break-even point where you can blow fuller clouds without causing any harm to yourself and your device.

Practice like a Pro: “Practice makes perfect”, a phrase everybody understands, however, no better time to start then now. Cloud Chasing is an art which you cannot learn overnight but you can master it with practice. To excel in the contest, make a list of all the tricks you would like to perform and start practicing in enclosed as well as open spaces. The more you practice the tricks, more you will learn.

Good Wicking Set-up: A vaper knows that a dry wick is the main reason behind the burning of the coil. To win a cloud chasing competition, the trick is to use a vapourising coil and a well-absorbed wick. In the vape mod, there is an absorbent wick which soaks the e-liquid and helps it in getting down to the coil. But, back to back vaping can lead to burning of the coil. To avoid dry wick and burning, properly soak the wick with your juice. Use organic Japanese cotton or cellucotton for your mod and insert it through the coil. Also, do not forget to puff some light vapes to absorb the liquid.

Good Wicking Set-up

Vape Expo UK, one of the largest Cloud Chasing competitions, is coming your way in October 2018. So, it’s time to pull up your socks, practice the tricks and surprise the world with crisp and clear tricks. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, register for the next vape jam, participate in it or watch it, either way, fun is going to be unlimited.