Summer Vaping: Top 5 Flavours you must try for a Spectacular Vaping session

Hey guys, put on your sunglasses and sunblock creams, summer is here. With increasing temperature in the environment, people are busy in packing bags and heading for a holiday. Many plans are in progress like travelling and exploring a new location, going on a holiday with friends and chill with a cool vaping session. A glass of mocktail in one hand and a fully-charged vape in the other hand seems like a “picture perfect” moment for vapers.

“And here comes good news for all you Vapers”

As summer approaches, more exciting and exotic e-liquid flavours are coming your way. Many e-liquid companies are all set to launch chilly and thirst-quenching e-liquid flavours exclusively for this season. But, due to ever increasing variety of flavours, choosing the best can be a hard decision to take. To make it easier here are the “Top 5 e-liquids of this season” for a scrumptious vaping session.

Soda-Lish E-Liquid: After a tiring day at work, all a person can think about is to relax the mind and body. When your taste-buds are shouting for some leisure, listen to your body and bring out your vape. For a refreshing session, Soda-Lish juice is your pick of the day. It is made of freshly squeezed lemonade, raspberries, and grapefruit with a hint of plum in it. Pour this amazing flavour in your vape and feel the freshness instantly.

Soda-Lish E-Liquid

Slam Dunk: Taking off from daily work routine and getting ready for the Vacation Time? Do not forget to pack vape pens in your bag not forgetting Slam Dunk e-liquid. This juice is composed of a blend of crunchy cereal, sweetened fruits, delicious and slightly cold milk. Unlike its name, this flavour is very pleasant and creamy which makes your vaping session smooth and light. It is a perfect vape juice for those of you who are sweet-toothed.

Slam Dunk

Black Cola: Black Currant ice creams and cakes are “all-time favourites”, then why keep your blackcurrant vape behind? Black Cola is a wonderful combination of “sweet and sour” making it an ideal companion for a trip. The refreshing blend of black currant and blackberries are carbonated with cola to give a cooling effect. The right balance of ingredients make this flavour “a must try” juice for summer.

Black Cola

Tropi Cool: Just the right flavour for a hot day when your body is feeling dehydrated. To restore energy, take out your vape and fill it with Tropi Cool to experience the freshness of oranges, and sweetness of red apples with a hint of juicy mangoes. Tropi Cool is a smooth and delicious flavour that gives a sugary as well as a sour taste. So, take a vape in, revive your vitality and fill the body with dynamism.

Tropi Cool

Pink MeLove for strawberry milkshakes is never-ending.The tingling effect of strawberries with the sweetness of milk is not only delicious but also healthy for the body. Let’s get you familiarised with Pink Me, an amazing vape liquid which is made using ingredients that taste like a strawberry milkshake.This incredibly smooth and tasty e-liquid guarantees a cracking vape session. One of the best features of this flavour is that it is good for the throat and produces big and clear clouds while vaping. So, order this juice from MoMo E-Liquid, clean up your vape pens and get ready to take part in a competition and chillax.

Pink Me