Nicotine Salts… What’s all the hype about

Nicotine Salts are the latest hype and now the most-talked-about product in the vaping world. These salts are derived from the leaf of a tobacco plant which is gaining in popularity as a forward-looking alternative to freebase nicotine. Many vapers often complain about dry hits and harsh husky sore throats due to vaping and sadly shift back to regular smoking. But, in reality, the reason behind the dry hits is the usage of the freebase nicotine in an e-liquid. Confused? Let’s try to understand the concept clearly, by starting with the basics:

What is a Freebase Nicotine?

Nicotine is the essence of an e-liquid but if it is creating side effects such as a dry mouth or a sore throat, then let’s face it, this can be a big turn off for many. The traditional method of using nicotine in e-liquids is simply done by adding ammonia, this then strips away all the protons from the natural base. By doing so, the pH level increases and converts the neutral form into an acidic, freebase nicotine.

Earlier, all the e-liquids were manufactured with a freebase nicotine but after the invention of nic salts, the world of vaping has seemed to experience a breakthrough. Pax Labs, the creator of nic salts, gave the world a better way to vape and a somewhat gave a solution for sore throats, hence, preventing dry hits.

Are you like the rest of us and Confused about what Nicotine Salts are? Let’s find out:

What are Nicotine Salts?

In understandable terms, Nicotine Salts are the natural salts that are present in the actual  tobacco plant. These salts are naturally formed in the leaf of the tobacco plant which is considered as a more effective option. The salt crystals are a lot smoother and more naturally powerful, this is the reason why people prefer using nic salts for vaping. The secret behind the success of nic salts is that they do not give dry hits, so are less likely to cause sore, dry throats and they have much more strength than a freebase.

So what is this magic ingredient?

A nicotine salt is found in the tobacco leaf which is less volatile in nature. The hidden ingredient behind the smoothness of a nic salt is benzoic acid. Unlike ammonia, this acid does not strip away the protons and serves two main purposes:

-  It is helpful in lowering the vapourising level of the salt which keeps the pH level in control that results in a smoother vaping session.

The chemical reaction that occurs while vaping makes the salts more absorbable, thus, making it easier to get your high quicker and by consuming less nicotine.

Now, you can start to understand why nicotine salts can make you high in just a short duration.

Let’s find out some of the other benefits of nicotine salts in order to appreciate their value:

High Nicotine Content: Only the right quantity of nicotine can satisfy a sudden craving for a tobacco cigarette. If you are trying to quit smoking, then why not try substituting with a vape liquid that contains nicotine salts? These salts have a substantial amount of nicotine which is sufficient to fight against cravings and bring you enough satisfaction just like a normal cigarette.

Consumes less E-Liquid: Unlike a  freebase, salt nicotine contains benzoic acid which is known for its great absorption level, together with a smooth texture. When an e-liquid is poured into an e-cig or vaping device, the salts present in the liquid retain their moisture and do not oxidise quickly. This increases the productivity and the life of the mod, timing of the session and decreases the consumption of an e-liquid. So, it’s a win-win!

Saves battery life: Since, there is a large amount of nicotine present in nic salts, using a high wattage vape device can be dangerous for the user. It is always recommended to use a low wattage one for nicotine salts, which is yet another benefit. They are portable, use less battery  power and increase the life of your vape pen, coil or wick. Stop worrying about your vape pen, simply pour your favourite vape liquid which contains nic salts and relax.

Safer to use: One key difference in a freebase and nicotine salt is the ingredient used in them. Freebase use ammonia, on the other hand, nic salts use benzoic acid which is safe for ingestion. This acid is found in many foods including cranberries, plums, prunes and cloves. It has a very low toxicity level which makes salts safe to consume. So, if you are trying to quit smoking and having difficulty in developing a taste in vaping, then give a nicotine salts a chance. After all, it’s easier on the body and lighter in the pocket

Safer to use

Apart from these, there are many more benefits of using a nicotine salt base e-liquid. Here at MoMo E-Liquid we are currently developing our own collection of exciting e-liquids containing nic salts. Our aim is to make vape juices delicious yet healthy and ensure that your vaping sessions are smooth and relaxing.