How to store E-liquids for Longer

The majority of vape users must have experienced or been in a situation where the vape is not up to its usual quality or it simply isn’t tasting good. The reasons behind this could be many, but it usually happens when the coil gets burnt or the e-liquid is spoilt. Yes, that’s a fact! The quality of an e-liquid is often compromised when it’s not treated or given proper care.

As much as you love vaping, adequate care of your vaping device and e-liquid is essential and equally important. Many people love to vape but usually don’t like to or simply skip cleaning the device as well as, storing the e-liquid in the right place, hence, ending up spoiling or damaging them. Vape juices are made by blending VG, PG, Nicotine plus those all important flavours which tend to degrade and lose quality if not stored properly.

So, whether you are an advanced vaper eagerly embarking on a cloud chasing competition, a novice or simply an avid vaper who can’t wait until the next new exciting juice is out, then here are some tips you can use to expand your e-liquids longevity:

Do Not Expose to Heat and Light: E-Liquids are very sensitive in nature, but can easily last for upto two years if stored properly. The ideal place to store an e-cig juice is ideally in a dark and cool place where there is no exposure to heat or light. The juices start their oxidation process at an early stage which reduces the shelf life, as well as, the quality making them taste bad and unpleasant.

Experts suggest: A Good Storage Spot for your favourite liquids are your fridge, freezer or cool bag.

Do Not Expose to Heat and Light

Pick Glass over Plastic: If you are planning to stock up on your vape juices, ensure that you use glass bottles. Some e-liquids come in beautifully coloured plastic bottles which are only suitable for short-term usage. However, in the long run, glass is best as plastic naturally tends to mix with the e liquid and progressively destroys its quality. So, the next time you purchase your favourite or that long awaited flavour, if you are not planning to vape or consume it quickly, do yourself a favour and make sure that you transfer it into a glass bottle.

Experts suggest: Use a tinted glass bottle as it has the extra benefit of blocking out the heat as well.
Pick Glass over Plastic

Store each flavour separately: Many vapers like to experiment by mixing two or three e-liquids together. If you are guilty, don’t worry as personal tastes and preferences vary. However, if you are storing the liquids together in a bottle, you are definitely compromising your juices. The best solution is to store them in a separate bottle so that they can stay fresh, retain their flavour and last longer.

Experts suggest: For added shelf life and to keep track, name the bottles with each individual flavour and also note the expiry date.
Pick Glass over Plastic Store each flavour separately

Seal your Juices properly: Heat and light are not the only enemies of e-juices; air is also a big culprit. If an e-liquid comes in contact with air, it reacts and starts decaying at a faster pace. Air tends to degrade the quality of the e-liquid and effects its shelf life. So, if you are planning to buy e-liquids in bulk, make sure you do not unnecessarily expose your bottle to air.

Experts suggest: Avoid large bottles, instead pour juices in four or five mini bottles with droppers to avoid overexposure to air.

Seal your Juices properly
A good quality E-liquid is the essence of a vaping session. So, if you want to relax and enjoy your vape sessions without the risk of bad tasting flavours, be sure to keep a regular check on your liquids. Try these simple, yet, effective DIY hacks to enjoy your e-liquids for a longer period of time.