How to prevent the coil from Early Burning

An e-liquid is known as the “spirit of a vaping session”, but the coil is the soul of your electronic cigarette. Vaping is surely one of the most fun-filled activities which satisfy your cravings and lead you towards a healthy lifestyle. But, have you ever thought of understanding the process of how vape or e-cigs work? What are the components required? A vaping coil is one of the main components required in a vape pen or e-cig which allows proper functioning of the device.

But, you must have heard people complaining about dry hits, early burning of coil and short-life of an electronic cigarette. What is the reason behind the burning of the coil? The main reason behind the burning of coil is a dry wick. In an electronic cigarette, wick, a soft material that absorbs the liquid for a tasteful and good vapour, is used with the coil. But, when the wick dries, it directly affects the coil of the vape and instantly burns it.

What happens when the coil burns it?

When the coil starts burning, it directly affects the vaping liquid. You will experience a sour taste in your throat which can sometimes make you choke. The obnoxious taste and incomplete vapour are the signs of a burned coil. Now, the coil is burned and the only solution is that you have to buy a new vape. Bad taste and the horrible vaping session, wasn’t that enough?

You can always take measures beforehand to prevent the coil from burning. If you wish to avoid additional expenditure and increase the life of the coil, there are 5 steps to follow. Let’s have a look and find out the steps to protect the coil from smouldering:

Step 1: Prime the Coil

Priming is the act of saturating the wick before vaping. It is usually said that keep on priming until it becomes your second nature. For your coil’s longevity, priming is one of the most important activities. In this method, you have to pour a couple of drops of your favourite e-liquid in the coil to drench the wick and allow it to absorb the liquid for better usage.

Pro Tip: After priming the coil, take a few puffs without pressing the fire button to forcefully suck the e-liquid into the wick and prepare the vape for an astounding session.

Step 2: Avoid Continuous Vaping

Vaping is one of the relaxing methods that help in quitting tobacco smoking. But, continuous vaping adversely affects the performance of the device. When you keep on taking puffs one after another, then the wick dries up quickly and falls below the regular saturation level. To prevent the coil from burning quickly, take some time-off between your sessions and let the wick re-saturate the vape liquid.

Pro Tip: Enjoy a good fifteen-minute vaping session and then give a break to your electronic cigarette.

Step 3: Change the Power Settings

Almost every electronic device consumes extra power when the wattage is high. May it be a car or a Smartphone or a vape pen or an electronic cigarette, if the battery saver mode is off, then the power usage manifolds. While vaping, if the vape pen is working on high wattage, it consumes more juice in every puff which directly affects the wick. Then, what is the way-out? The ultimate solution is to reduce the power consumption by changing the settings to low or moderate wattage. Decreased power consumption increases the time of vaping, allows the wick to re-soak the flavour and put a stop to burning.

Pro Tip: When you notice that the flavour is going below the average mark, take a break, instantly change the power settings and let the coil cool down.

Step 4: More the PG, better the Vape

Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, Nicotine and some flavouring are the ingredients used in an e-liquid. While choosing an e-liquid, make sure to choose the liquid which has equal or more PG level. Propylene Glycol is thinner than VG and absorbs easily. On the other hand, VG is thick, takes time and dries up quickly during vaping. If you are experiencing regular dry hits, then it is the right time to check your vapour liquid and immediately change the juice before the coil burns out.

Pro Tip: Avoid purchasing juices which have 70% or more VG content. Equitable distribution of the ingredients is considered optimal for an e-liquid and coil.

Step 5: Use fewer Sweeteners

Undoubtedly, there is a huge variety of flavours available in the market. Some e-liquids are sweet, some are tangy and then some are refreshing in nature. There are e-liquids that are used in vape tricks, some are just for light pleasure and some liquids are for advanced vapers. Basically, the varieties of an e-liquid juice are endless. But, do you know sweet juices are harmful to the device? The sweetener caramelises the wick and creates a sticky impact on the coil. Dark-coloured e-liquids indeed are delicious in taste but also are the common culprit. The absorption level of the wick decreases which in turn ends up in burning the coil.

Pro Tip: Avoid e-liquids that contain excessive sweeteners, caffeine and are heavy in nature. Always opt for light and refreshing liquids like Soda-Lish, Tropi Cool and Lola’s Crush etc. to blow the life back into the coil.

Saving your health, money and enjoyment is in your hands. An extra effort will not only keep your coil clean and sound but will also make your vaping even more exciting. Keep your vape pen clean, change e-liquids timely for an incredible and long-lived session.