Beginner’s Guide: How to choose the right e-liquid!

Are you new to vaping? You must have thought that it’s going to be simple! You will buy a vaping device, pour an e-liquid and have a blast. But, when you try it for real, the first question that hits to mind is “how to choose the right e-liquid?”

When you are confused about which e-liquid is the best, let us gently guide you:

Flavour First

There are endless amounts of exciting flavours available both online and offline.

Some flavours are sweet, others are sour and refreshing, and then there are juices which taste like desserts.

Consider flavour as the main element of an e-liquid and then choose as per your taste.

Make sure you pick an e-liquid that is good for your device and also satisfy your cravings.

New users can start with our freshly launched fruity flavours by Mr Wicks to create a taste in vaping.

Flavour First

Nicotine Level

 There are plenty of juices that come with or without nicotine.

The amount of nicotine varies from 0mg to 36mg approximately in an e-liquid.

Buy a juice after checking the nicotine level and the amount of flavour used..

High, Less or No Nicotine, make a decision and vape it out!

Nicotine Level

Quality Vape Liquids

 Many new users often find themselves drawn towards cheap e-liquid juices for the simple reason.

They are inexpensive and won’t leave a dent in your pocket.

But tread cautiously, these liquids adversely affect your health in a long run.

This is important to state that always choose premium e-liquid flavours which are properly sterilised, graded and certified.

Always read the ingredients, check the PG and VG level, the amount of nicotine before picking the product.

Quality Vape Liquids

Cost Effective

 When it comes to vaping, skimping on the price will almost certainly cause you trouble in the long run.

During initial days, due to lack of awareness many new vapers shop recklessly and spend huge amounts on the e-liquids.

In order to cut-back on the expense, don’t put yourself at risk and buy quality liquids.

Before buying search for deals and discounts on standardised products and then make a final choice.

Cost Effective

VG and PG Percentage

 Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG) are the two main ingredients found in an e-liquid.

VG is slightly sweet and blows heavy clouds, whereas, PG is smooth but generates smaller clouds.

For a newbie, a perfect blend of both in a juice is ideal.

For starters, try new e-liquids that are balanced, hygienic, smooth and come with 0mg nicotine.

VG and PG Percentage

Now that you are more informed with the terminology, ingredients and quality of an e-liquid. It’s time to indulge and try exciting flavours that appeal to you. Sure, it is difficult when starting out to initially pick the perfect liquid, but try as many juices as you wish it dare to. Keep persevering and you will cherish the moment when you will finally find that perfect juice. Take a break from it all, and say goodbye to tobacco smoking and stress.