1. How to prevent the coil from Early Burning?

    How to prevent the coil

    An e-liquid is known as the “spirit of a vaping session”, but the coil is the soul of your electronic cigarette. Vaping is surely one of the most fun-filled activities which satisfy your cravings and lead you towards a healthy lifestyle.

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  2. The Healthy Connection between Vaping and Mental Health

    The Healthy Connection between Vaping

    It is no secret that Nicotine is a healthier alternative to Tobacco and it is considered safe to use on a regular basis. Vaping Facts suggest that Nicotine is 95% safer than Tobacco and helps in quitting smoking.

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  3. Summer Vaping: Top 5 Flavours you must try for a Spectacular Vaping session

    Summer Vaping

    Hey guys, put on your sunglasses and sunblock creams, summer is here. With increasing temperature in the environment, people are busy in packing bags and heading for a holiday.

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  4. Vaping Myths Busted: Time to set the Facts Right

    Vaping Myths Busted

    Since the evolution of vape pens and electronic cigarettes in the early 2000’s, people are swiftly moving towards vaping. It is considered as one of the biggest breakthroughs in the history of smoking and one of the most successful alternatives for people who wish to quit smoking.

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  5. 5 Cool Tricks to try for an Exhilarating Vaping Session!

    5 Cool Tricks to try

    The latest art to master is Vaping. It starts with an aim to help satisfy nicotine cravings by inhaling flavoured juices and exhaling vapour. Soon the satisfaction turns into enthusiasm to experiment and try out cool tricks using your electronic cigarette.

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  6. Little Known Facts on Vaping that will Blow your Mind!

    Little Known Facts on Vaping

    When you see your friend smoking, the first words that comes to mind are “Hey mate, give me your pen and let me take a puff.” In 1963, the first electronic cigarette was patented, and by the end of 2002 China re-invented e-cigs and brought the concept of Vaping in the world.

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