5 Reasons You Are Vaping a Burnt Flavour

One Minute, you are puffing large clouds, appreciating your favourite e-liquid and chilling with your mates. Suddenly, on the spur of the moment, your throat feels a burning sensation, you start coughing and the euphoria is gone! Isn’t it uncomfortable and doesn’t it ruin the moment? Unfortunately, this is one of the most common problems that all vape lovers face when the flavour burns out.

Have you ever wondered why your e juice tastes of a burnt flavour? What are the main reasons behind the burning of the coil?

Let’s take a close look at some of the major causes and how best to avoid them:

The Atomiser is not working: An atomiser is one of the main elements of the vaping device. For a good vaping session, it should be heated properly to produce fuller and bigger clouds. Assuming that your device is clean and e-liquid is filled up to the brim, are you feeling burning sensations in the throat? One of the major reasons can be an overused atomiser which needs to be replaced. If the atomiser is not working to its full power, instead of vaping continuously, just swap it with a new one for a smooth and hassle free session.

Insufficient Priming of the Coil: As it is said, the coil is the heart of a vaping device and priming of the coil is its heartbeat. To prevent dry hits and burning, priming is considered one of the most vital activities before vaping. In this procedure, e-liquid is poured into the device and the wick is soaked nicely, so that the flavour does not burn easily. In case, you choke while vaping, check if the wick is dry. Prime your coil properly and blow out small puffs to speed up the process.

High Wattage Vaping: The General Rule of Vaping is the higher the battery resistance, the lower the watts will be. High power vaping can damage the coil and vaporise the liquid at a rapid rate. If you are vaping with a high wattage device, it is more than likely that the chances of the e-liquid burning will be high. Whenever your vape tastes weird or off, try lowering the wattage level and let the device cool down for a while.

Chain Vaping: When you take a puff one after the other without any breaks, it causes an adverse impact on the coil and dries the liquid very quickly. If you want to prevent the burning, then chain vaping is simply not an option. To prevent the juice from getting burnt, avoid back to back vaping which allows the wick to soak up the e-liquid from time to time. The best way is to do this is to let the device rest for 15-20 seconds in order to reach its optimum level.

Vape Juice is Running Low: Do you love extracting the juice to its extreme and then refilling after a dry hit? This just might be one of the reasons that your vape device is blowing small clouds and making your throat dry and sore. Many vapers have a habit of puffing away until the very last drop of an e-liquid has come to an end but that is totally wrong. If you wish to save yourself from that horrible burning taste then do not let the e-liquid run out. Mark your equilibrium point on the device and simply top up the juice whenever it goes below the required level.

A burnt hit is one of the worst things a vaper can experience. It can not only ruin the session but can turn a lot of people away from vaping. Thank Goodness, now you know how to vape properly, so go ahead, pour in your favourite e-juice, prime it up and just chillax.