1. How to store E-liquids for Longer…

    How to store E-liquids

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  2. Refresh your Taste Buds with Newly Launched MoMo Salts

    Refresh your Taste Buds

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  3. What is the best way to clean Vape Mods?

    best way to clean Vape Mods

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  4. 6 Interesting Facts about E-Cigarettes

    6 Interesting Facts

    The harmful effects of tobacco cigarettes have been exposed more so now in great depth and people are now well-informed of the dangers and side-effects. Every year, so many people take up a resolution to quit smoking but find it extremely difficult to kick the habit.

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  5. 5 Reasons You Are Vaping a Burnt Flavour

    5 Reasons You Are Vaping

    One Minute, you are puffing large clouds, appreciating your favourite e-liquid and chilling with your mates. Suddenly, on the spur of the moment, your throat feels a burning sensation, you start coughing and the euphoria is gone! Isn’t it uncomfortable and doesn’t it ruin the moment?

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  6. Beginner’s Guide: How to choose the right e-liquid!

    Beginner’s Guide

    Are you new to vaping? You must have thought that it’s going to be simple! You will buy a vaping device, set up the mood, pour an e-liquid and have a blast.

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  7. Top Tricks to win a Cloud Chasing Competition

    Top Tricks to win a Cloud

    Gone are the days when vaping was a brand new alternative to tobacco smoking. Nowadays, the vaping trend is skyrocketing and is considered as one of the exhilarating activities amongst the youth. This all started in 1960 when Herbert Gilbert invented “First Non-Tobacco Cigarette” in America.

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  8. 7 New and Exciting Delicious Flavours from Mr Wicks

    7 New and Exciting Delicious Flavours

    At last good news for all you vapers out there!  After Grape Soda by Mr Wicks won the award for the Best Drink E-liquid 2018 UK, Mr. Wicks is back and are ready to tantalise your taste buds with 7 scrumptious and exciting new E-Liquid flavours.

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  9. Nicotine Salts… What’s all the hype about?

    Nicotine Salts

    Nicotine Salts are the latest hype and now the most-talked-about product in the vaping world. These salts are derived from the leaf of a tobacco plant which is gaining in popularity as a forward-looking alternative to freebase nicotine.

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  10. What does your Beloved Vape Liquid say about your Personality?

    What does your Beloved Vape Liquid

    Often, people are under the impression that the choices you make help in building up your personality. Each individual has their own unique personality traits which distinguishes them from others. Similarly, every e-liquid comes up with its own unique features that also helps in defining your personality.

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